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About Us

Modesto's Find&GoSeek is a fun and easy way to find great (and maybe not so great) things to do in the Central Valley. We all know that word-of-mouth is a powerful advertising tool; if your friend mentions that her family had a blast at the park last weekend, you might think about taking your family, too.

Now imagine you had thousands of friends with rave reviews for all of the area’s activities. This is exactly what Modesto's Find&GoSeek is: a searchable database of local events and activities with honest feedback from parents and caregivers like you! The things found in our site can help save you time and money, find a great place to visit this weekend, or share what worked or didn’t work the last time you visited somewhere particular.

Find&GoSeek is the original inspiration of Dana and Andy Freeman of Williston, VT, who were intent on creating a better way to find and compare the best summer camp programs for their two children. Now they want to help others discover and share in the numerous experiences Burlington, Vermont has to offer — and how best to do them as a family.

If you are interested in helping Modesto Find&GoSeek grow and expand in the community, please contact Dana Freeman.

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