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Modesto Skatepark

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Modesto Skatepark
Corner of Sylvan Avenue & Glenn Drive
ModestoCA 95355

Ages: 0 and up

Cost: Free

Parking: Yes - street


Modesto Skatepark is an outdoor park for bikes, skateboarder and inline skaters.  The park has several bowls, one ledge, three boxes, two pyramids, a spine, a hip and a small snake run. Modesto Skatepark is located next to Beyer High School.  The park is open dawn til dusk.

3 Reviews

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Reviewed on 11/12/2012

Lots of kids having fun.
But teenage pot smokers and dealers also use this as a hangout spot.

Of course, Modesto has NO police presence, or law enforcement anywhere that I've ever seen.

If u call to notify PD
They don't seem to care.

So I won't be taking any kids I care about there again.

Nice place.
But if they'd at least have city parks regulation in place.
It might be better.


Modesto Skatepark


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Reviewed on 11/03/2012

I live less than a 5 minute bike ride from this park. Its a very nice park, BUT as I have been here the rough crowd that chills there smoke pot and drink in public regardless of if there are children around. I have had a man try to steal my bike there. I have been assualted there, my backpack and tools have been stolen there. Along with my old phone. Now this may not be a concern 24/7 but If I were gonna hang out there or take your family there I would stay clear of the teens there and be ready to dip out if things get rowdy. Be safe, No laws are regulated here, you can go on a bike inline skateboard whatever, you dont need a helmet because the cops dont care and never come around. I recommend you wear one though like I do so you do not get injured, Overall a sick park but I have been through alot there. Be aware of violence, drugs, and a non children friendly environment if you go though....more

Modesto Skatepark


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Reviewed on 11/10/2010

I have gone to this skate park on several occasions with my 9 year old son. He has biked the bowls and cruised around inside the snake run. I have taken a skateboard and rode around with him.

We try to go on the weekend/holiday mornings or early afternoon. The crowd of skaters/bikers at this time have been very helpful and polite to the younger kids. The last time we went a couple of the teenagers were helping my son and his friend to drop in on one of the ramps.

As a parent, you should be prepared to do some pushing and lifting of bikes to help young ones if they can't ride out of the bowls themselves. Also be aware that this is a teenager and young adult hangout. The later in the day you go the better the chance of having to explain to your curious ones about new words, styles of clothing, etc... Nevertheless you should take your kids to these places. The city built them for everybody and most of the riders are there to have fun and really like to see young kids out there learning because then they get a chance to teach and show-off.

Modesto Skatepark