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Open Gym @ Riverbank Community Gymnasium

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(3 reviews)
Open Gym @ Riverbank Community Gymnasium
3625 Santa Fe
(209) 863-7149

Ages: 0 and up

Cost: $4 per night

Parking: Yes


Friday nights, 6:30-10pm, are open gym nights at Riverbank Community Gymnasium.  Teens 16 and older can shoot hoops or play a pick up game.  Players must sign a release on their first night of play.

3 Reviews

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Reviewed on 09/25/2015

You can only play on Sundays. There is no Friday night gym. Sundays some old guy is hogging up all the time there and a group on wanna be ballers. You have to pay 10 bucks to play one game. Straight politics there.

Open Gym @ Riverbank Community Gymnasium


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Reviewed on 08/07/2014

Please be advised that this is for MEMBERS only Basketball every friday, this is a private club that have have their kids play and given instructions, whoever thinks that can just come and play is mistaken, there are no hidden charges, there is a monthly fee to cover the gym and there's also a membership fee. NOT everybody can become a member!!!!

Open Gym @ Riverbank Community Gymnasium


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Reviewed on 07/22/2014

beware this is a scam. they will ask you for a membership fee and a hidden charges. they don't have respect for the players, their only concern is the money. Beware to Erwin Ambida and Derek Ramel, they only bully kids in the courts.!!!!!!!!!!!

Open Gym @ Riverbank Community Gymnasium