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Ripon 4th of July

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Ripon 4th of July
509 W. Main Street
RiponCA 95366

Ages: 3 and up

Cost: Free - parade and festival is free | food additional

Parking: Yes - surrounding streets, expect congestion


Join the historic town of Ripon, its community members and other area residents for the small-town Ripon 4th of July Celebration.  A new parade route is going to be taken this year, beginning at Ripon Elementary.

Bounce houses, food and beverages also set up at Ripon Elementary keep the fun going through the evening hours.  Once visitors have had their fill, they are invited to get cozy and find a seat at the school where fireworks display will once again light up the Ripon night sky.


1 Reviews

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Reviewed on 07/05/2014

My family and I have been coming to Ripon for 10 years at least, I even started donating for the show cause you have always put on a great show the only year that it was just ok was the year they had it at mistlin fields but you obviously learned because you took it back to the school after that but for some reason you went back to mistlin this year BIG MISTAKE !!!!!!!!! HUGE This was the worst show you have ever done, actually what we could see of the show itself was good but the park layout and where they were shot from was bad, there were only 3 porta potties on each side of park which was NOT enough, there was never a line at the school like there was out there i spent 20 min in line. AND then you got the disastrous parking/traffic situation which could have been a little better if there had been anyone directing it out on the street the only people we saw directing any traffic was way up inside the park by the parking lot, we saw no one trying to out on jack tone rd
Someone at the park had said you moved it because of traffic downtown but it was never as bad downtown as it was last night Downtown we were never longer the 20 min tops to get out, last night it took us 20 min just to get onto jack tone and we were parked in the first row by the road then we had to go all the way to manteca to get home because traffic going to 99 was dead stopped for the entire 20 min it took us to get onto road and it was still not moving when we finally were able to start going 10 min later. My nephew and his family got caught in it and they didn't get home till 11:30. I am sorry to have gone on like this but i am begging you to please take it back to the school and leave it be besides we almost didnt even find it cause you moved it but your site was still saying it was at the school

Ripon 4th of July