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Roll-er Land

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Roll-er Land
1445 18th Street
MercedCA 95349
(209) 723-1018

Ages: 0 and up

Cost: $5 admission, skate rental additional

Parking: Yes

Features: Snack Stand, Rentals, Restrooms

Roller Land in Merced is a taste of wholesome family fun right out of the 80's!  Inline skates and traditional quad skates are available for rent at an additional cost.

Public sessions are as follows:

  • Friday nights, 7:30-10:00pm
  • Saturdays, 1:00-4:00pm, 7:30-10:00pm
  • Sundays, 1:00-3:30pm (Family Skate Day - admission for four $10.00)
The third Friday of the month is Christian SK8 Night.  Jam along the rink to contemporary Christian music.  
Birthday parties can be scheduled.  Roller Derby bouts occur once a month; Merced's Jr. Derby (ages 5-17) practices here.


2 Reviews

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Reviewed on 01/01/2014

Old is one thing, but filth is completely another. I honestly don't know where to begin. The restrooms alone should have the place condemned (overflowing toilets, gunk on the urinals, no toilet paper, and dirt everywhere!). The ceiling tiles and spider webs are just the beginning of the mess of this place! Wash your hands often!

Despite the filth described above, I still would've given it three stars, but on my very first (and last) visit, the owner was extremely rude to me and my family. After charging us $25 each ($125 in total) for the all-night skate entrance fee (7pm-7am), he then wouldn't allow our family to leave to go eat dinner without having to repay the $125 admission fee. When I reminded him that he had not explained this rule at the time he charged us the admission, and that it was our first visit to the rink and if we could come to some kind of compromise he began to be very rude. I offered other possible solutions including bringing in dinner to the kids or just leaving with a refund to which he refused. Then he smirked and laughed and turned his back on me. I am extremely dissatisfied with the awful customer service I received and would NEVER recommend this business to anyone. The music consisted of 95% Rap, about 4% Disco, and 1% Country. Worst public facility and worst customer service I've ever experienced. I wish there were zero stars!...more

Roll-er Land


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Reviewed on 11/02/2010

If you're looking for some old-skool roller skating fun, Roll-er Land will do the trick. Whether the drive is worth it is questionable, but that's only my opinion, and if you asked my kids, they'd say it's totally worth it.

Admission and rental prices are reasonable, so I won't quibble about that; however, the food at the rink is a far cry from good. The mix of music is great, but it's hard to understand the announcer at the sound booth when a game is being organized or an announcement is made. There seems to be plenty of seating whenever I'm there (usually Girl Scout skate nights), but never enough help, as the wait for refreshments or a clean bathroom is a long one.

I'd only give Roll-er Land two stars, but considering how much fun my 7 year old has, I have to throw in another star.

Roll-er Land