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The Gamer's Network

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The Gamer's Network
410 Coffee Road
ModestoCA 95355
(209) 566-2464

Ages: 5 and up

Cost: $5 per hour | discounts for multiple hour blocks

Parking: Yes - Free - lot

Features: Restrooms, Family Friendly

The Gamer's Network is temporarily closed.  Please check back for reopening information.

The Gamer's Network is the arcade of 2012.  This arcade contains 20 computers, 2 Wii's, 2 Xbox 360's with Kinects,  2 Xboxes, a projection screen room, and 3 PS3's.  The Gamer's Network is in a new location, and with that they have a lot of changes.  There is one main room with all of the equipment, and one additional smaller room with the projector screen.  The Gaming Network is continually purchasing new games.  

Party Packages:

Are You Afraid of the Dark Package: The store is open to the public. $20 per person, for all night (12 hours) play.  Food, drinks, cake or cupcakes provided at an extra cost.

Super Mario VIP Package $299: The store is closed for 3 hours for your private birthday party.  Food, drinks, cake or cupcakes provided at an extra cost. 4 people max.

Luigi Party Deluxe Package $99:  The store is closed for 1 hour for your private birthday party.  Food, drinks, cake or cupcakes provided at an extra cost. 2 people max.

Yoshi's Jumping Saver Deal: The Store is open to the public, 3 hours of game play, $12 per person.  Food, drinks, cake or cupcakes provided at an extra cost.

5 Reviews

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Reviewed on 07/19/2012

This is my first time at the new location and I am very disappointed. The things that made Gamer's Network a good place for kids are no longer available. There is only one large room for all of the games, no way to separate the younger ones from the older kids/adult players. The boys (2 10 year olds) enjoyed themselves for the hour we were there, switching games and systems several times. The customer service is seriously lacking. Each time the boys wanted to switch games, they needed me to help get the attention of the employees sitting around playing games. Since you pay by the hour, any time wasted waiting for employees is annoying. During the hour the boys played, I sat in the lobby area working. I have to say I was disappointed by the amount of cussing used by the employees! They were very unprofessional, it was almost as if I was in their home instead of a business establishment. I did several walk-throughs of the area where the boys were playing and that environment was actually less offensive! I would not recommend dropping kids there unattended. I was hoping with the newer location (in my opinion a safer part of town), that we would be frequenting this place more often. Sadly, that won't be happening....more

The Gamer's Network


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Reviewed on 02/13/2012

This place is AWESOME! Can't wait for the capcom v marvel presentation on the 24th! ^^! I recommend this place to any gamer :) (ps i'm a girl)

The Gamer's Network


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Reviewed on 10/11/2011

Gamer's Network is a great place to play, work, play, work, and play some more. Everyone there is outstanding in personality and have to give props to Raymond for being such a great host.

Things to do at Gamer's Network:

1. Service your computer
2. Surf the Web
3. Online Gaming "all day and night"
4. Etc...

I admit that I am now addicted to the WiFi at Gamer's Network. />
Thanks for the product you bring to the Modesto city and keep the quality coming.


The Gamer's Network


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Reviewed on 06/12/2011

We had a birthday party in the Wii room for my 9 yr old with some of his friends. We were there on a day where they were also doing special events out of the store, so it took a little bit to get rolling. Once going- it was great! I was happy that they had a large selection of E and E-10 games for the boys to play. The boys were thrilled that they could switch games and systems (we had both Wiis and modded X-Boxes in the room) and did frequently. The staff was patient and energetic, constantly there to help out when needed and making sure everyone was having a good time in between. The pizza place they order from takes an hour to deliver, but it's cheap and pretty good. Wi-fi is free for the parents- a super nice, seriously appreciated touch. Overall- a great place to have a bday party.

We had so much fun that our other son wanted to do it for his birthday too- so we went back as a family and played together. Yeah, I have a screen larger than those, but I don't have that kind of collection- the whole family had a good time, and pizza- for less than we would have paid to go to the movies.

The Gamer's Network


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Reviewed on 05/10/2011

Went here with the family on a Sunday afternoon. My son was the most excited but by the end of our time the whole family had some gaming fun.

The staff was friendly, attentive and very knowledgeable about games and systems. The decor and design is definitely teen/early twenties with dimly lit rooms, comfy couches and lots of flat screens.

The amount of game titles and systems to choose from is impressive. Pricing is also reasonable ($4 per hour or $10 for three hours) especially when compared with movie theaters or FunWorks/Boomers. There are also nightly and weekend deals. If you do have little ones then you have to be aware of other games that are being played if you go into the main room.

All of my questions/concerns were addressed by the owner and his staff. Go check it out, there is no other place in town like it.

The Gamer's Network