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Virginia Corridor Trailway

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Virginia Corridor Trailway
Between Needham Avenue & Bangs Avenue

Ages: 0 and up

Cost: Free

Parking: Yes - Roseburg Shopping Center

Features: Picnic Area

Enjoy the 4+ mile paved trail located between Needham Avenue and Bangs Avenue.  The trail follows the old Tidewater Southern Railway line.

2 Reviews

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Reviewed on 09/25/2012

Wonderful! The trees are much bigger now than they are in the picture above, and in a few years they should provide some nice shade. There are always people out there enjoying a walk or jog or bike ride - elderly couples, families with small children, single runners. I only wish I lived closer to the trail, and that there were more places like this in Modesto!

Virginia Corridor Trailway


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Reviewed on 09/20/2012

I've recently started walking this path with a friend. We've started our walk at Roseburg Square and walked a few miles each direction - towards 9th Street and towards the Briggsmore overpass. The path itself is nice, I've seen a few families out there with kids on bikes and lots of people walking dogs. The path is wide and has lanes for traffic each direction. Most of the path is very flat, however the overpass is pretty steep for children to bike up and down and you have to cross several roads and go canal banks in each direction. There are also no restrooms along the path, except at Roseburg Square....more

Virginia Corridor Trailway