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We attract a family audience made up of discerning parents, grandparents, teachers, and nannies - just about anyone who cares for kids at some point during their day. They are tuned into what their kids are watching, reading, listening to, eating, wearing and wanting to do. And they share or want the inside scoop on it all. Our readers look to Find&GoSeek for where to go next and what not to miss.


Find&GoSeek offers you a gateway to influential, hard-to-reach customers in California's Central Valley. We connected with thousands of parents at the moment they were looking to do something. That's a powerful connection. We'll help you integrate your message into the context of the entire site experience, so users are more likely to engage with your business.


We're not like the typical media outlets. We will only accept advertisers that have appropriate messages to the family community. Our users tell us that this makes a difference and they like our contextual advertising. And you won't see your display ad along side another. We only serve one display ad per page to maximize your exposure. No other local media does this.


Numerous advertisers have enjoyed the benefits of Find&GoSeek. Here's what a few are saying:

“Modesto's Find&GoSeek provides an inclusive advertising solution for my retail business that targets the exact population which my company services. Customers are directed to my business and are able to access product reviews from my clients. Additionally, my online store is directly linked enabling a smooth transition for increased hit volume.”
- Cyrilla Simpson, Domestic Divaz
“As a photographer in Modesto, I love how Modesto's Find&GoSeek connects local clients with my business. It’s also a fantastic site for loads of other fun stuff in the area—a kid friendly hair salon, library story times, local clubs, and so much more! It has all the best information for local business owners and their clients all in one great little spot.”
- Misty Ballard Photography

A few different ways you can reach Find&GoSeek users.

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