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Higbee Horror Haunt

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Higbee Horror Haunt
1501 Higbee Drive
ModestoCA 95356

Ages: 13 and up

Cost: $5

Parking: Yes


For five nights only, the haunted walk through is meant to scare the hairs off those brave enough to even enter. The experience will leave your heart racing and your pace a bit quicker.

Those with heart conditions, asthma, predisposition to seizure, are pregnant, claustrophobic, or under the age of 13 are heavily cautioned to enter the Higbee Horror Haunt.  Seriously frightening people and things will jump out of the haunt... Only enter if you dare!


1 Reviews

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Reviewed on 11/01/2013

Wow, what a scare.... last nights haunted house was a first for me. I went in with my two nephews and within the first two rooms my youngest nephew grab'ed me and was shaking like he was beyond cold. well a lady called over walky talkie and took my nephews out through the front door. there i was alone and freaked the !$#@ out!

My favorite was the guy from Jeper's Creepers, hanging from that wooden post. hes good.... then the chainsaw end scared me enough to never forget it.


Higbee Horror Haunt