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La Grange OHV Park

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La Grange OHV Park
South Old La Grange Road
La GrangeCA
(209) 853-2448

Ages: 0 and up

Cost: $5 per car for day use

Parking: Yes

Features: Picnic Area, Restrooms

La Grange Regional Park, all 126 acres, has something for every dirt biking enthusiast.  The Novice Play area is a fenced off track for those riding 80cc or under.  There is an Intermediate area which is also fenced off with a larger track and more difficult terrain.  There are two motocross tracks that are groomed and watered on race days.    All bikes must have a green sticker and all riders must wear helmets.

Camping is permitted on a first come first served basis, fees are $15-$23 a day.

Hours of operation: Sunrise to Sundown

3 Reviews

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Reviewed on 02/11/2013

This place sucks more and more every time I go. From people smoking pot and generally being jerks around the little kid riding area to the swarm of bees that is always at La Grange OHV Park, this place is not family friendly and is a total waste of time.

La Grange OHV Park


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Reviewed on 02/23/2011

The new improvements will make La Grange a more attractive place. If you need to do some riding nearby then La Grange is your only option. It is quick (40 minutes from Modesto), cheap ($5 bucks for the day), and well...quick and cheap.

If it is a sunny weekend day then it can get crowded so make a day of it by bringing snacks, lunches and drinks. The view to the west from the top parking lot is nice. If you ride dirt bikes and go off of the tracks you will have to contend with some off-road trucks in the back section.

I have gone to La Grange for the day and on overnight trips. It is fun but it is something you will outgrow if you are looking to ride trails. The park is definitely geared toward riders who prefer race tracks.

La Grange OHV Park


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Reviewed on 01/31/2011

La Grange OHV Park is being remodeled! So far they have revamped the novice track and intermediate track. They have added a second intermediate track, which is longer and more challenging than the original one. There are also new trails in the works. One of the best improvements is the bike trail leading from the top parking area down to the other tracks. Bikes will no longer have to compete with trucks for space on the paved road! Yesterday was a muddy mess, but great for riding according to my 9 year old son and my husband. I am always pleasantly surprised by the good sportsmanship shown by other young riders. More experienced riders are considerate of the beginners, staying a good distance away. Any rider who falls or whose bike stalls is quickly helped up by the closest rider. On a negative note, I was surprised to see the bees out, already and even on such a cold day. That has to be my least favorite part of La Grange OHV. And for some reason yesterday the women's restroom wasn't working, however La Grange has added a few port-a-potties down by the lower tracks. All in all La Grange is a good local facility for dirt-bikers and quad riders of all ages and ability levels....more

La Grange OHV Park