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Verbero Powerplay Sports Arena

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Verbero Powerplay Sports Arena
1043 South Acacia Avenue
RiponCA 95366
(209) 599-2479

Ages: 6 and up

Cost: Skating Admission: $6.00 | 5 & Under Skating Admission: $3.00 |Skate Rentals: $3.00

Parking: Yes - ample

Features: Snack Stand, Rentals, Restrooms

Ripon Powerplay has a new name! Verbero Poweplay Sports Arena is the Valley's only inline hockey arena, and is located just off Highway 99 in Ripon. Visitors will enjoy hours of play and the center's shop, arcade and snack bar.

There are several different leagues for children; 11 and under, 15 and under, and Copper League.  Youth leagues practice once a week and all games are on Friday nights.  Before you sign up for a league, check out the Saturday Learn 2 Play program from 1-2pm (call ahead for reservations).  

BIRTHDAY PARTIES - Call for birthday package information!

Open Skate is only on Saturday evenings.


  • Session I: 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
  • Session II: 8:30 - 11:00 p.m.



Learn to Play Program (Sneaker Hockey) is Sundays from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, noon-5pm.


They host a Nationally Recognized Child Development Soccer Franchise called Lil Kickers for ages 18 months - 9 years old. 


4 Reviews

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Ripon Power-less Play

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Reviewed on 04/22/2013

mh3...too bad you have to default to 1 star for a minimum right?

I get a huge kick out of your review. Because it so sounds like the clowns that operate that facility. Some rich guys kid spends his trust fund building a hockey rink, runs off all the best people he started with (people that actually had more knowledge, ability, and likely business savvy), then replaces his former friends with a crew of clowns that all of a sudden become co-partners, etc. The facility is so NOT well run it's hard to describe how a business owner can execute an operating plan so poorly and stay in business. No communication, no advance planning, and consistent execution failures will eventually doom this place. I'm sure if you would have requested all of your kids sit in the stands and watch the owners "posse" of young kids come in and put on an exhibition for you, the owner(s) likely would have provided a better party. How dare you ask them to entertain or assist in the running of your party. (*Sarcasm*)

So many of the original users have either taken the extra drive to the Bay or Sonora have have gone a short drive up the 99 to Stockton to play in a run-down former warehouse that one of the intelligent people that the Ripon owner ran off a few years ago. Even though not as nice, the Stockton owner has a brain, none of his daddy's money, and MOST importantly a true hockey sense and understanding of not just how to play the game, but how to execute a business plan.

Sadly for all involved the Ripon facility will not achieve true success until Daniel Costa is removed from the property. That's the son...not father. When it comes to how to run a successful business, the fruit not only fell far from the tree....I think it fell already rotted and bug infested.

I see many changes on their website, so it looks like change may be afoot...but probably too late for most former facility users. Good Luck CJ!!

Verbero Powerplay Sports Arena


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Reviewed on 04/07/2013

WOW! I had my son's 3 year birthday party here and it was HORRIBLE! First I had a deposit down and invitations made and they changed the date of the party (they did comp me a bit though so I did appreciate the effort). Then 3 days before our party I was informed that a tournament was booked around our party. Our party started at two and the tournament was still going on so parents and kids had to wait around. Once everyone was cleared out they brought our 16 kids ages 3-5ish out on the rink with sticks and 1 puck and said lets play hockey. ABSOLUTELY no structure at all. I was told that they could play games with the kids, relay races with the scorebaord, etc. I had to ask for more pucks so many of the kids could enjoy hitting a puck with their sticks. The kids got bored after 20min and wanted to eat. So they were fed pizza and soda drinks were brought out. Origanally I was told by one person that I was not allowed to bring food in for the adults, but then another person said I could. At $6 an adult multiplied by 25 adults...can you say ridiculous! I ended up bringing in my own food for the adults. Then I asked that after the kids ate they had some structure and games ready to play with the kids on the rink. I was told only 30min into our party that they prefer the kids not to go back out onto the rink because they could get sick. Well...the parents and I took the kids back onto the rink to play with them without any staff around to help. AND GUESS WHAT...none of the kids got sick. The parents and kids had fun running around, but behind the scenes I was embarrased. With 30min left of the party the players and families started coming back in even though I was paying for a closed party. At the end I did talk with the manager and they wanted to comp me for the next party I had there...REALLY! I would never have a party there again. So they ended up taking $30 dollars off the total price, but I was done at that point and just wanted to go home. I feel that I should have paid for the food and thats it! We had a horrible birthday experience. ...more

Verbero Powerplay Sports Arena


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Reviewed on 11/02/2010

I attended my grandson's birthday party at the rink. I was nervous about all these young children with hockey sticks. The staff at the rink worked with the children and the families to make it a GREAT, safe afternoon. The rink provided sticks and shirts and some teenage members from a regular league volunteered to provide "goalie" services. Experience or lack of experience didn't seem to make any difference to the fun the boys and girls (8 - 12 years old) were having. I would definitely recommend this venue for a party....more

Verbero Powerplay Sports Arena


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Reviewed on 10/15/2010

Ripon Powerplay has been one of the most frequented birthday spots recently; my family has attended two birthday parties at this location within the last month. Both my 8-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter had a blast, skating, playing hockey and rocking out to music!

One party was a roller-hockey party, the other was a sneaker-hockey party, the difference being that the former had the kids on skates and the latter did not. Hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and cupcakes were served to the kids in the party room; parents could order from from the cafe, which has quite a variety of concession-style foods.

There is plenty of protected, behind-glass seating at the cafe or in front of bleachers for parents wanting to hang out during the party. Ripon Powerplay provides limited hockey gear during the party, but for roller-hockey parties, kids have to bring their own skates.

Verbero Powerplay Sports Arena