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Tae Kwon-Do

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ATA Karate For Kids
2401 East Orangeburg Avenue #640
ModestoCA 95355
(209) 522-2497

Ages: 3 and up

Yee's ATA Black Belt Academy includes martial arts, self defense, weapons training and life skills development. 

Programs are broken down by age.  Tiny Tigers is designed for children ages 3-6 years old.  Karate for Kids is for children ages 7-12.  The Black Belt Club is for those over 13 years old.

Choong Sil Kwan Do
1408 North Carpenter Road #3
ModestoCA 95351
(209) 918-0887

Ages: 4 and up

Little Eagles is designed to teach children 4-6 years old hand-eye coordination, increase fitness levels and improve attention span all while learning the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do. 

Traditional Tae Kwon Do classes for children ages 7 and up develop a strong work ethic, goal setting skills as well as regular progression through martial arts belt levels. 

CSKD also offers child safety classes.

Karate - Tiny Tigers
509 Winmoore Way
CeresCA 95307
(209) 538-5628

Ages: 3 - 6

Self-confidence, self-defense and fitness are the main goals of this karate class.  Free uniform included with first month's payment. more»
Karate Camp
3342 Santa Fe
(209) 869-2854

Ages: 6 and up

Kids will gain confidence, build self-esteem, learn self-defense and how to deal with bullies and strangers through traditional Tae Kwon Do. more»
Merafuentes Korean Karate
450 Glass Lane
ModestoCA 95356
(209) 549-2482

Ages: 4 and up

Merafuentes Korean Karate Studio offers classes for children ages 4 and up.  They also offer sparring classes, Kempo classes, Self Defense classes and adult classes.  Children ages 4-6 can enroll in the Lil' Dragons program and meet twice a week for 30 minutes.  Children 7-12 are divided by ability level (belt color) and meet twice a week for 45 minutes.   more»
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